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Won't He Do It?

So often we get it in our minds that we have to accomplish our goals RIGHT NOW! TODAY! IMMEDIATELY! ALL AT ONCE!

I’m not sure where those ideas come from, but I do know that they are not very realistic. When we buy into that kind of hype, we set ourselves up for failure. Each failure can produce hopelessness and despair. Those are ingredients for depression which can lead to isolation. We were created for fellowship. This sounds like the type of scheme devised by our number one enemy. I don't know about y'all, but when I get thoughts like that, pretty soon, I start to smell a rat!

The Word of God tells me that we can do all things, but that’s only part of the verse. We have to be careful not to take things out of context. We can do all things through Him Who gives us strength. Hmm…How do you suppose we can get that strength? By staying close to Him, I would guess. He says that “I am the Vine and you are the branches”. The two go together; the branches stay healthy as long as they remain attached to the Vine. The branches get nourishment and strength from the Vine. They don’t have to worry about keeping time. They just stay attached and as long as the Vine is healthy, the branches will be alright.

He is all sufficient, more than enough and able to supply all our needs. We make Him too small and our problems much too big. Let’s start trusting Him in matters great and small, minute by minute and see how smoothly things go. When the enemy tries to get you off to the side like a sheep gone astray, call out to your Shepherd. Give that Vine a good tug! He’ll provide the strength you need to resist the scheme and He'll give you the fellowship you need to know you’re not alone. He holds time in His hands and He’s got you, too. Let's get this year started right and things will flow smoothly from there!

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