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Happy Holidays, Happy Holy Days

I’d like to take this time to thank those of you who have followed me on this website or on the daily Facebook blog (@HigherLevelLife), and especially those of you who have entrusted me with your personal counseling and life coaching needs. The business is now two and a half years old and the website is a full year old! None of this would be possible without you. I appreciate all the positive feedback and the faith you have placed in me for serving you. If I have added value to your life in any way, please tell your friends. I’d love to increase my reach in the coming year. There is a book coming in the Spring! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be joyous, merry and bright. I pray that the Spirit of Season visits your home and fills your heart, and that the New Year finds you with your bellies full and your spirits at peace. May you dwell in health and contentment and have a sound mind to make wise and purposeful decisions.

As you contemplate setting new goals for 2018, remember that big changes can’t be realized overnight. We can make small changes gradually, but first we have to determine what it is we really want and what our purpose is, what fuels our passion, what holds our attention.

If you need help figuring that out, I’d love to work with you. Until then, HAPPY HOLY DAYS to you and yours. As I count my blessings, I count each one of you who has clicked on my page, shared my posts, read my blog, scheduled a visit, phoned or messaged. Be blessed today and in the New Year.

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