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Living Space vs. Storage Space

I saw this quote from Francine Jay and it hit me right between the eyes. My home is certainly well-lived in judging from the amount of foot traffic on the carpet and tile! However, I have collected a good amount of stuff; call it an eclectic mix if you will. What does it reveal about my heart, my values, my treasures?

The Bible tells us that where our treasure is, there our heart will also be in Matthew 6:21. Look around your house today. What have you been storing up? I have a good deal of clutter, I can honesty confess. If a visitor from another planet were to drop in, they would probably wonder what was important to me.

Yes, there are a fair number of Scriptures on the wall on prominent display and Bibles too. There are family photographs all over the place, so they would easily tell that I value the Word of God and family. But what about all that other…stuff?

When I met my husband, he lived a bare bones bachelor life. He had a hodge-podge of furniture and very little in the way of knick knacks and he was doing fine; except for the fact that he “needed” a woman in his life and God sent him me. I am the collector of all things frilly and girly and pretty and color coordinated, and so now I can say that his life is sufficiently full of such items and maybe even overflowing. The thing is that we can’t take them with us through the pearly gates. In fact, we won’t even need them in our heavenly home, so when you stop and think about it, of what eternal value are they?

If our homes are our living spaces and not our storage spaces, we have some serious decluttering to do! I'm going to get to work!

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