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Is That Your Final Answer?

I remember when I first gave my heart to the Lord and how much I wanted to change my ways and become a better person. I thought that meant that I had to say "Yes" to every request that made its way to me, especially if it came from other Christians who had been in the faith much longer than I had. I believed they knew what I should be doing because they had more Word in them than I did so how could I say no... I didn't understand why I began to grow resentful and bitter. I found myself avoiding certain people. I was being recruited to serve in various ministries that I had no desire to serve in. I wondered what God could possibly be thinking! He knew I didn't want to work with children; why did these older and wiser folks believe I should want to do something that made my skin crawl? I was confused; did being saved mean you got a personality transplant and a whole new set of likes and dislikes? If so, it wasn't working on me! I began to question my salvation. It took a while for me to learn that I still had a voice. That being saved didn't mean I had to become a "Stepford Wife". I could serve God in the areas He had gifted me in and was free to decline opportunities to do harm by operating out those areas. Do you like baking? Bake things for your church's fellowship meals with joy! Do you love to sing? Join the worship team and help usher in His Spirit. Do you enjoy writing? Maybe your church has a newsletter or is praying for someone to start one. Do you clean like it's nobody's business? Every church can use a good cleaning regularly. You could be the answer to your pastor's prayers, but only if you can serve with your whole heart and out of the gifts He has given you for the good of the body. Don't ever feel bullied into serving in an area you are ill-equipped to operate in; but do know that often we don't recognize our own gifts. Someone else may see them and point them out while we take an, "Oh, shucks, that's nothing" attitude. When you can say "Yes" with your whole heart, you'll be a tremendous blessing to everyone around you. Until then, just say "No" without any reservations. God will release you for service when the right opportunity presents itself.

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