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The Meaning of Time

I came across a quote by Jean-Paul Sartre recently that states, “Life has no meaning once you lose the illusion of being eternal.” I must disagree with him although I once thought him so brilliant. Spend time talking to anyone looking at the face of death and they will tell you that they wish they had done things differently; that the things they had spent so much time worrying over they now considered trivial. I think it is easier to find the value of things once we are confronted with their loss. Relationships. Time. Jobs. Health.

We are not eternal. Each of us will face death and will suffer many losses until our final trumpet call. We each get 168 hours per week, no more and no less (unless that trumpet blows…) How are you spending those hours? So many of us put things off until sometime in the future as if the future is promised. Cemeteries are filled with people who were banking on tomorrows that never came. I want to implore you to make the most of today, of this very moment, and to use it to impact those around you in ways that will have eternal significance. Make the moments meaningful and prove Sartre wrong. What a beautiful world this would be if each one of us were more determined to be a blessing than we are to get blessed. Just a thought.

If you are struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life, or in balancing your priorities and time, consider working with a certified life coach. Discovering your gifts and talents and developing a road map to reach your goals are some of the things I can help you with. God gave us all things to enjoy, not all things to endure. Life should have meaning for us all; let me help you discover yours. Contact me today!

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