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Look to the Rainbow

Along the lines of my last post, someone also shared a line that read, “You gotta stop watering dead plants.” How many of us have done that, just praying and hoping for some resurrection miracle? In our finances? Our relationships? Or job situations? And we get a tiny bit upset with God because He doesn’t seem to honor those particular prayer requests…Go ahead, you can be completely honest. No one is looking as you read this; I certainly can’t see you and it’s not like I’m asking for a show of hands anyway. :) But I think we all do it. We beg God, we bargain with Him, we tell Him this is really important, so please fix this one situation and we’ll even serve in Vacation Bible School when it rolls around again if He’ll just perform this one miracle right now. Are you with me?

I am so grateful those particular miracles are far and few between. Our Father loves us so and because of that, He only gives us His very best gifts. Accordingly, He’s not afraid to say “NO” and He withholds those that He knows are not in our best interest. If we spend all our time crying over people who are not ready to change or over situations that are not safe for us, we will not be in position to walk into the opportunities that are the right ones for us. Our eyes and hearts will be closed, our heads will be turned. It will look to Mr. or Ms. Right like you are already coupled up and they will step back even though God told them that you were the one for them.

If you are looking for fireworks, don’t you realize that the enemy has learned every pyrotechnical trick on the market and taught it to his imps? Only God can create a rainbow and rainbows come after the storm. They don’t make noise! I urge you to quiet your spirit and listen for the still small voice of your Father who, as it says in Zeph. 3:17: “…will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” (NKJV) Don’t take the bait of the counterfeit. Our God is real and won’t have us wasting time watering dead plants. Wait on His instructions. Wait on His timing. His ways are perfect. You can trust Him to do what is best for you and to lead you into paths of righteousness. Look to the rainbow!

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