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Choose Wholeness

“What breaks in a moment may take years to mend.”

That can sound a bit overwhelming at first glance. We are, after all, fragile beings and life is so tenuous. The Bible tells us that this life is but a vapor and yet we spend so much of our time rushing around trying to make things happen. While it is true that our actions may have a lasting impact on generations to come, in the scheme of eternity, our lives are very brief. We worry about things we have very little control over. We wail and groan and wrench our hands over things that in a month or six or twelve we will hardly care about at all, having moved on to some other crisis or desire.

Words, however, are like weapons when not spoken thoughtfully. A word said in anger or carelessly can alter the trajectory of a person’s life which can then impact the lives of many others. Encouragement can lift a person from the bowels of despair and cause them to be a champion who leads others out of the darkness.

Measure your words. They are powerful. Don’t use them to harm, use them to heal. Plant seeds of promise rather than seeds of despair every opportunity you have. Broken things can often be mended but why break them at all when then are so much more valuable whole? Be whole and choose to create wholeness and let that be your legacy. I want it to be mine: She lived a life of health and wholeness and created balance and peace wherever she went. I pray that for you today.

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