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Make any resolutions this year?

Well, it’s the third week in January and I have a question for you? How’s that resolution thing working for you?

Hmmm…I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a while ago. That’s not to say that I don’t purpose in my heart to make life changes, because I certainly do. I just don’t believe in setting myself for failure and self-condemnation anymore. Why get the whole year off to such a negative start?!?!? I mean, really…

I prefer to make a new resolution each day. This has proven much easier for me to succeed in honoring and if by chance I miss a day, there’s always tomorrow. We are often our own worst enemies and place ourselves under so much condemnation if we don’t accomplish everything on our to-do lists. If we are our own task-masters, won’t having daily goals be easier to manage in the long run?

Wake up each day with a purpose. As you go to sleep every evening, ask yourself to imagine accomplishing something the next day that will be meaningful, that will make the day great. When you wake up in the morning, let that thing be your goal for the day. I’m not suggesting you dream of running a marathon if you’ve never walked around the block, but set a realistic goal like … well, walking around the block for starters. If it happens to rain when you get up, change that goal to walking around the inside of the nearest mall. Make your goal something doable and you’re more likely to actually accomplish it and pat yourself on the back once you do.

Once you have a couple of “I did it” days under your belt, you’ll feel like a million bucks and be inspired to keep at it for 355 more days. Nothing inspires success like success. So keep at it!

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