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What Seed are You Sowing?

When I was little and somebody would give me money, I would spend it 100 different ways before I actually got to the store. If they gave me $.50, I would tell myself that I was going to buy bubblegum, ice cream, a new doll, a bow for my hair, and some fancy socks. I expected $.50 to buy $40 worth of things and it just didn’t work. I’d get to the store and be so disappointed.

Some of us are like that with our dreams. We tell ourselves that we can say a single prayer to God and get a million different results off of that one prayer. When it doesn’t work the way we want it to, somehow we tell ourselves that God has failed us. When will we realize that He is not a genie in a bottle and that there’s a part that we have to play in making our dreams a reality?

The farmer doesn’t plant a crop of apples and expect to get corn, carrots, and tomatoes. He knows that whatever seed he plants is what he’s going to get. But the harvest won’t just happen unless he prepares the soil, waters the seeds, pulls up the weeds, and watches over it. A lot of work goes into farming that we who shop for produce never even think about it.

We need to be much more intentional about our prayers. We have a tendency to throw them out randomly and still expect miracles to happen. Many times I think we experience blessings and we overlook them because we forget that we ever asked God to do anything in our lives. We can’t take God for granted or use His name in vain. Prayer is not something to be taken lightly; it’s serious business to God.

How many times have you heard children whining about something and saying that they really want it, and five minutes later they move on to whining about wanting something else? Parents can’t give into every request but they pay attention to those things that their children seem to really want. I believe God is the same way with us. I believe the prayers that we water with desperation, tears, and faith are the prayers that He answers.

According to two writers I follow, Richard and Brittni DeLa Mora, "You can't sow the same seed and expect a different crop." Get serious about the seed you sow with the Father and prepare to reap your harvest in faith.


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