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Just a Feelin...

Children can’t play poker when it comes to emotions. When they’re unhappy, they show it with their entire bodies.

They’ll tell you what they’re feeling very openly too. “I’m mad! I’m sad. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m so happy.” They tend to be extremely honest; they don’t play the games adults play. However, in all that honesty, they identify with their emotions completely.

If they’re told they’ve misbehaved, they’ll crumble in a puddle of tears and when asked what’s wrong, they’ll say, “I’m bad.” They may have done something wrong, but they themselves aren’t bad and we adults have to help them to make that distinction.

So often we ourselves speak as if we are our emotions when we’re simply feeling them. No one taught us the difference. I get angry at times but I’m not my anger. I feel frustrated but I don’t become frustration. I feel joyful but am not suddenly turned into joy, and so on.

Feelings aren’t facts, nor are they people. They are temporary emotions that change and they should not control or identify us. Let’s all remember that!


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