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Are You Pretending to be Well?

How many times have you asked somebody how they were doing and had them tell you that they were just fine? You could look at them and tell that there was no fire in their eyes and that they were in great pain. Sadness was written all over their face and yet they insisted on telling you that everything was just great.

I find this to be especially true for people of faith. I know the Bible says that we are to speak those things that aren’t as though they were, but if we don’t admit that something is broken it won’t ever get fixed. There was a time in my life when I walked around making the same confession of faith.

Everything was fine; I was too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed. I’m sure people looking at me wondered why my chin was scraping the ground. I have to tell you, I wasn’t advertising for kingdom joy very well. I believe that when we make false confessions like that, we set new believers up for great disappointment. When things go wrong in their life, they question their own salvation and the goodness of God.

We have to be more honest. There are people that would come alongside of us during our trials and help us but they can’t help us if they don’t know that we need it. We prolong our own suffering by not acknowledging that it exist. We wallow in misery and isolation because we don’t allow others in.

God is aware of everything going on in your life whether it is painful or pleasant. He will not take something from your hands; you will have to turn it over to him willingly. As long as you insist that everything is going well in your life, He will allow you to perpetrate that lie. Only when you’re ready to be honest with yourself and others and admit that you need help, will healing begin.

Instead of wondering ‘how long, O God will I suffer’, ask yourself how long you’ll keep your suffering to yourself. When you get real, you’ll begin to heal. It’s a simple as that.


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