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Throw the Book!

I was taught to eat everything on my plate, not to take more than I wanted, and to finish things that I started. I used to love to read; now, I just don’t have as much time for it as I’d like. But I would spend a lot of time in the library growing up and I would take out as many books as they would let me. I felt compelled to finish every book that I checked out. This often meant that I would endure reading books that did not hold my interest.

Now that I’ve gotten older, if I get through the first few pages and I’m just not into a book, I close it. I no longer feel obligated to read something that doesn’t captivate my mind and stir my soul. There are too many books on library shelves for me to have to read one that I just don’t care about. It doesn’t mean that the book is badly written; it just means that it’s not for me.

It’s the same way with relationships. We have to give ourselves permission to move on when a relationship doesn’t serve us. We were created for fellowship, however, we are not for everybody. That also means that not everybody is going to be for us. We are called to live peaceably with everyone as we are able, but that doesn’t mean that we are called to fellowship with everyone.

There will be some people that we will be closer to than others and then there will be those relationships that will simply be peripheral. We will have to recognize the difference and maximize those that were meant to be extremely deep and meaningful, while learning to appreciate the others for what they are without feeling hurt. Not every rock becomes a diamond, right?

Sometimes the relationships that cause us the most pain turn out to be the very ones that teach us the most about ourselves and life. And often the things that go the easiest don’t teach us a thing. Don’t be afraid to turn the page or close the book; and don’t hesitate to throw the darn book away if you need to! When you’re done with a thing just be done with it. Leave yourself open for the next opportunity. After all, the best is yet to come.

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