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The Real Problem

Often we spend a great deal of time focusing on a particular issue that we perceive to be a problem. I find it so interesting that the Chinese symbol for crisis is the same symbol used for opportunity. Perception is everything, isn't it?

This just proves that the "issue" isn't usually a problem and that rather the reaction to the perceived issue may be. I find that life's challenges provide opportunities for us to stretch ourselves and learn new ways of doing things. We can join the choir of complainers or get creative in our approach to solutions. Jesus was a problem solver. If our goal is to emulate Him, whining is a waste of time.

If we will work together and commit to seeing things from a different vantage point, we can usually find a new way to tackle old issues that haven't been tried before. The key is not being too set in our ways to even consider anything new and to at least be willing to listen to other views. Other people have never been my problem; my unwillingness to change my perspective and see the other side has been.

God changes not, but usually His people have to in order to maintain peace and see progress. Alone I can only do so much. Together Everyone Achieves More.

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