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Set the Mirror Down

There comes a time in our lives when we have to set our mirrors down and stop playing the comparison game. A time when we inhale the sweet fragrance of Our Creator and purpose to truly believe in our hearts and minds that we were created in HIS very own image and as such we are more than enough for whatever He has called us to.

We have not all been called to the same tasks, but to unique assignments that only our gifts and talents can fulfill. The time we spend being jealous of someone else or feeling as if we don't quite measure up leave our assignments undone.

You are a perfect reflection of your Abba. He has many facets of His glory and none of us could possibly reflect them all. I beseech you therefore, sweet sister, to see yourself and those around you with His eyes. We'll all look better and build one another up rather than tear one another down. You are beautiful and more than enough. Your Daddy says so!

If you need assistance finding your life purpose or addressing self-esteem issues, contact me today. Appointments are available and very affordable. 336.739.2247.

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