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The Dark Side of the Moon

Someone recently used the phrase, “the dark side of the moon” and it got me to thinking about how bleaks things can appear from time to time and our perspective of life when we’re in that mindset. When it seems like the sun isn’t shining, things can look pretty dark and it may feel as if they are never going to get better, as if we’re in a tunnel and the light of day will never reach us again. Have you been there? Honey, I lived there for what felt like a good chunk of my life. But God…two of my favorite words in the His-story of the world!

When He arrives on the scene, things can turn all the way around in the blink of an eye! Not only does the sun begin to shine, but the Son shows up and GLORY! Suddenly, I can see the solution as plain as the nose on my face and things I have been struggling with just slip into place.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who seems to feel most comfortable when I have a roadmap and a schedule and I know just what to except. I don’t like change, I prefer the familiar; call me boring, but I’d rather refer to myself as faithful. Steady. Dependable. Reliable. Constant. See where I am going with this?

But God…He challenges us to walk by faith, and if we could always see the road in front of us, we wouldn’t need faith, would we? Sometimes, we may have to experience the “dark side of the moon” in order to trust that the light will shine again, and that even if it doesn’t, He will guide us and carry us through whatever may come. I encourage you not to fear the darkness but to remember that He is the only Light we will ever need. Selah.

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