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Audacious Faith

William Carey, known as the father of Protestant missions, once said that we should “expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”

In order to attempt great things, we require boldness and confidence. In order to do this, we must have audacious faith. Several years ago, my pastor preached on audacious faith and he said that this type of faith would cause one to have total disregard for their personal comfort or for conventional thought. It would make one quite daring in their behavior. Often when we think of regular people performing heroic feats, we think of them as being bold or fearless, displaying great courage and bravery. We tend to think that this type of faith and behavior is for other people but never for us.

There was nothing extraordinary about Abraham, except that he chose to believe God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Noah had never seen rain yet he too agreed to trust God and build an ark for this unseen weather pattern that God told him would appear in the sky one day and he saved his family by faith. Joshua and Caleb, sent out with ten other spies, were the only two who saw through eyes of faith and trusted the Word of God and believed they could take the village as God had said they could. And so they did, defeating the giants.

What dreams are you pursuing that haven’t come to fruition yet? What storms are looming on your personal horizon even though everyone else around you seems to be enjoying skies of blue? What giants are threatening to overtake you and make you feel like a grasshopper in your own sight? Beloved, God wants you to have audacious faith and speak to those situations with boldness and confidence, reminding them that you are a child of the Most High. Suit up and remember your weapons of warfare. You have an army of angels ready to back up every Word you speak, provided you’re speaking His Word of truth in audacious faith.

He goes before you to defend and protect you. Fear not is written over 300 times in the Bible, one for almost every day of the year. It takes courage to live in such a fallen world and audacious faith to stand up for what we believe in when it’s so unpopular to be counter-cultural. However, when we remember that this life is just a blink of an eye when compared to eternity, it makes it more palatable. Be bold for God; He sacrificed everything He had and everything He was for us. That was audacious love. It was beaten and bruised and hung on a cross, but three days later it rose. One fine day, we will too.

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