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Who I Serve and Why

I've been through a few trials by fires, and personally found traditional therapy can sometimes be a bit cold and clinical, as well as quite expensive. I promised myself that I would never make the people I served feel uncomfortable, judged, or as if I felt their issues were contagious and unpleasant. I create a judgment-free zone where you can discuss anything that is causing you to live a life that is less than you deserve or desire. I also believe that the words we use when speaking about ourselves and our situations matter. I speak life and hope every chance I get. 


I have been referred to as the "Velvet Steamroller" because I deliver the truth with a healthy dose of love. You need to call your mountains by name if you're ever going to take authority over them and cast them into the sea. You also need to stop tiptoeing around the same mountains as if you're afraid to admit they are in your way. It's time to reclaim your authority and move forward in the power and might that belong to you. Are you ready for change? For some of you, things aren't changing because you're just not ready for them to. You aren't truly sure you deserve a difference in your circumstances. What's that all about? Let me help you answer these questions.

I primarily serve women over 21 and couples who may be engaged, considering marriage, or who've been married a long time and desire to strengthen and improve their communication styles. My work experience is in the area of mental health, dual diagnoses, post-abortion and miscarriage support, as well as grief and loss. You may be grieving a relationship, a person, a career or job, a dream; a loss is a loss and you don't have to grieve alone. I also have an extensive background facilitating in- and out-patient support groups related to mental health and substance abuse, with a special heart for loved ones supporting those who may be living with these challenges.


I have recently begun seeing a handful of men referred through various Employee Assistance Programs and am used to serving all people from my previous work in public mental health. While I focus on women, I am comfortable working with men who are willing to do the work to improve their mental health and improve their relationships and communication skills. With the increase in single parent homes and fathers stepping up to remain involved in their children's lives, I find more men reaching out and I applaud them. For so long, men have been shamed for acknowledging a need for support, as if it revealed some weakness in their makeup. I believe it is a sign of great strength and am honored to work with these brave few.


Women are caretakers by nature; we put everyone else first and end up feeling taken for granted, invisible, as if we don't matter, and we're left wondering "Is this all there is?" It doesn't have to be that way. You can reclaim your dreams, set goals and boundaries, learn to respect yourself and demand respect from others, and live your best life now. Let me show you how. Let's partner together in reaching your goals. I use a cognitive behavioral approach because I believe it is Biblical; "as a man thinks in his heart, so he is." If we can change our thought patterns and beliefs, we can change our emotions and behaviors.

Whatever your goals, using the Word as our guide, together we can begin working towards reaching them today. Why carry burdens you were never intended to bear? Let's unpack those heavy bags of dead weight, lighten your load, and celebrate your journey. You have far to go in this life and YOU can design your own road map!


You are one appointment away from a better life. Don't wait any longer. You can begin living the life you were meant to TODAY! 

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