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Pastors Have a Full-Time Job

As a clergy member myself, I recognize that pastoring is a multi-faceted job that far extends beyond the typical Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. You are writing sermons; delivering those messages from the Father’s heart to your flock each week, sometimes twice a week; visiting the sick; meeting with other community leaders and pastors; and I am sure there is much more that often goes unnoticed.

You are also expected to provide counsel to your members which can be a very nuanced task. While many churches have lay leaders or pastoral staff to assist in meeting these needs, we all know it to be true that the harvest is so much greater than the laborers. Many pastors excel in theology, apologetics, hermeneutics, but let's be honest; how many counseling classes are required? I recognized early on that while I could preach, I was not called to do so. My area of gifting is in counseling, so I stay in my lane.


I have a BA in Ministry with a concentration in counseling, a Masters in Christian Counseling, and attended three great schools for Christian education, focusing on service to God first, then trauma, life coaching, and women's issues. Providing sound, Christian counseling to my sisters in Christ is a privilege that I hold in high regard. Higher Level Life Coaching & Soul Care is a ministry God placed on my heart in August of 2015, focusing primarily on women’s needs, grief, and relationship issues. I am also certified as a Saving your Marriage Before it Starts (SYMBIS) facilitator under Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott and would love to provide assessments and counsel to engaged and married couples in your congregation. I don't need to remind you that marriage was ordained by God and couples need help to make it work in this world today. I have been joyfully married for over 35 years to a true servant of the Lord and a gift to me.


I have served in the counseling and mental health field for over 20 years in both Virginia and North Carolina, mostly in the area of mental health and dual diagnoses, as well as addressing pro-life matters. I truly count it a blessing to walk with women through difficult seasons as well as assisting pastors and pastoral staff in tending their flock. If you have someone in your congregation in need of solid Biblical support, please consider directing them to me. Let's co-labor together, serve His daughters and sons, and save families in the Kingdom.

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