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The Risk of Wisdom

Every situation that we will face in this life is meant to teach us something. Nothing ever happens to us that has not been filtered lovingly through the fingers of our God.

We have free will, therefore we get to make decisions all along the way regarding who we allow into our hearts, which way we’ll turn at any fork in the road, and how long we’ll stay when we reach a certain destination. We’re never being held captive, except to our own desires. Because we have a history of fickleness, we look for someone else to blame when things don’t go exactly as we planned or hoped.

Rack up enough disappointment in your life and you’re bound to become fearful. You make decisions slowly if at all. You become passive, allowing life to just happen to you because you start to believe you have no influence or power. There’s an interesting truth you must confront however; not doing anything is making a decision to remain where you are.

Life demands that we be brave. We can’t sit back and just ride things out. If we make a decision that fails, we’ll gain knowledge and wisdom that we didn’t have before. If things do work as we hoped, we gain joy, no matter how fleeting. The point is we get to decide and choice is always an opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Wisdom is worth more than any gemstone or currency. You may not be able to exchange it for cash but it will last you a lifetime and keep you safe during times of chaos and confusion. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and smarter.

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