How Does Your Garden Grow?

Some of us are born with a spirit of discontent. It doesn't matter what we attain in life, we'll always want the thing that is just beyond our grasp. It won't matter where we are in life, we'll want to be in the place we aren't. It won't matter who is beside us, they will never quite measure up to the next person or the one that walked away. We will always have an unfilled wish list or a page full of regrets. That is just the way we are and it is destroying any and all opportunities for our happiness and that of those who chose to love us. There is hope. The Holy Spirit is trying to tell us to take a good look at where we are at THIS very moment and realize that the grass will always be gree

It's No Secret

I can appreciate the intent of this statement. When we depend on someone else for our state of joy, we place ourselves, and them, in a precarious predicament. No one else can make us happy. We must learn to find inner peace and joy within ourselves because the truth is we will spend a lot more time with ourselves than we ever will with another human being. If we don’t enjoy our own company, why would anyone else? So many of us are waiting for someone else to rescue us from the tedium of our daily existence, that we often place unrealistic expectation upon them that even we can’t live up to. I’m not saying that we don’t live interesting lives, but we hunger for something more and we hope and

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