Set the Mirror Down

There comes a time in our lives when we have to set our mirrors down and stop playing the comparison game. A time when we inhale the sweet fragrance of Our Creator and purpose to truly believe in our hearts and minds that we were created in HIS very own image and as such we are more than enough for whatever He has called us to. We have not all been called to the same tasks, but to unique assignments that only our gifts and talents can fulfill. The time we spend being jealous of someone else or feeling as if we don't quite measure up leave our assignments undone. You are a perfect reflection of your Abba. He has many facets of His glory and none of us could possibly reflect them all. I beseec


If your life is anything like mine, the word stressure should make sense to you. Life is filled with it. We have stress all around us and we feel pressure from every side to make the right decision about which way to turn, what to do next, what to eat, what not to eat, which job to take, which educational path to pursue, which friends to associate with, who to avoid, which diet to try, what exercise will work the quickest, which vitamins will give us the best bang for our buck…it can all lead to STRESSURE if we’re not careful and prayerful! But think for a moment about how pearls are formed. A tiny grain of sand or another foreign object enters the oyster shell and causes a little irritation

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