The Meaning of Time

I came across a quote by Jean-Paul Sartre recently that states, “Life has no meaning once you lose the illusion of being eternal.” I must disagree with him although I once thought him so brilliant. Spend time talking to anyone looking at the face of death and they will tell you that they wish they had done things differently; that the things they had spent so much time worrying over they now considered trivial. I think it is easier to find the value of things once we are confronted with their loss. Relationships. Time. Jobs. Health. We are not eternal. Each of us will face death and will suffer many losses until our final trumpet call. We each get 168 hours per week, no more and no less (unl

The Real You

I spent some time watching a little girl at church running and laughing the other day. She put her whole body into her laugh. Joy began at the top of her head and ran all the way down to the soles of her feet. I got caught up just watching her. When do we lose that? Why do we cover our mouths to hide our emotions so no one will know our true feelings? Who does that to us and why do we allow it? If you need help remembering who you truly are and rediscovering the “you” that you want to get back to, contact me today. So often, we allow other people to define us and we live our lives and so busy pleasing them that we forget how to be happy. You get one life to live. Shouldn't you enjoy it? Myla

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