Timing and Perspective

I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to think I am in control. I make decisions, come up with a plan, make a road map, start walking my path and then along falls a tree in the road or a rainstorm pops up – not just a rainstorm, but a hurricane! No, not just a hurricane, more like a tornado. Can you relate? And I am tempted to cry out to God, “What are You doing? I (Big I) had plans. Were You unaware of what I (Big I) was trying to accomplish here? How could You allow this to happen?” I feel angry, frustrated, foiled in my plans, deserted by the One I thought was supposed to be for me, hurt, abandoned…all in one moment, and it becomes overwhelming. Almost more than I can bear. And the

Loud Silences

In my devotion today I read the line. “…the silences of Jesus are as eloquent as His words and may be a sign not of His disapproval but of His approval and His way of providing a deeper blessing for you.” Well, that made me sit and think for a good while. I like conversation and long detailed explanations so this required more than a moment of thought. Jesus often used parables to make His points, but now that we find ourselves down to the wire with time being what it is in these last days, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” so I’ll cut to the chase. When He’s silent, it’s not because He’s trying to punish us but because He wants us think. Some of us want a roadmap and for someone to explain

Broken Things Mend

“What breaks in a moment may take years to mend.” That can sound a bit overwhelming at first glance. We are, after all, fragile beings and life is so tenuous. The Bible tells us that this life is but a vapor and yet we spend so much of our time rushing around trying to make things happen. While it is true that our actions may have a lasting impact on generations to come, in the scheme of eternity, our lives are very brief. We worry about things we have very little control over. We wail and groan and wrench our hands over things that in a month or six or twelve we will hardly care about at all, having moved on to some other crisis or desire. Words, however, are like weapons when not spoken th

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