February 19, 2020

 "My brokenness is a better bridge for people

than my pretend wholeness ever was." ~ Sheila Walsh

I tend to be very transparent about many of the experiences I’ve survived. People often question why I am as open as I am. I don’t understand the question because to me the...

February 5, 2020

"Reminder: You don't have to rebuild a relationship

with everyone you've forgiven. Just because you are at peace,

doesn't mean they're not still toxic."

My husband always teases that I hold a grudge like Native Americans hold onto tomahawks. I’ve said before that I don’...

January 22, 2020

I used to be quite a mess. There were people that watched me grow up who probably thought I was incorrigible and that I would never amount to anything. I’m pleased to say that they were wrong.

I always tried to give other people the benefit of the doubt and think the...

January 8, 2020

Do you ever look back at your life and I wish that you could have a do over? Sometimes I must admit that I do. Things always look different in hindsight because by the time you’ve lived through them, you have more information than you did at the beginning of your journ...

December 25, 2019

I used to be such a wallflower. I seldom spoke my truth and I kept my deepest emotions a secret, sometimes even from myself. I thought that I was protecting myself from being hurt by not sharing my feelings, but all I did was create a prison that I no longer had the ke...

December 11, 2019

This morning as my husband was praying, he asked God for a Red Sea moment. It got me to thinking about what that must’ve been like for Moses and his troops.

Their faith in God had to be greater than their fear of what was behind them. They could actually see their enemi...

November 27, 2019

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find that people are so much more sensitive these days than they used to be. If there’s a way to be offended by something, people will find it.

There was a time when I was extremely sensitive and anything anybody said to me would hurt...

November 13, 2019

For those of us who are very sensitive, criticism can be a hurtful thing. We tend to internalize every negative comment and wonder why people are so hard to please. We end up thinking that there’s something very wrong with us, which means that we judge everyone else to...

October 30, 2019

Have you ever met someone or seen a person at a gathering and known immediately that they didn’t like you? I’m talking about someone you never met, have had no personal interaction with, and their facial expressions and body language just shout, “Stay away from me.”


October 16, 2019

Every situation that we will face in this life is meant to teach us something. Nothing ever happens to us that has not been filtered lovingly through the fingers of our God.

We have free will, therefore we get to make decisions all along the way regarding who we allow i...

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December 30, 2015

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